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More from Plants vs Zombies Beta Test

We’ve received quite a few emails asking for more info on the Plants vs Zombies Heroesbeta test. Specifically, several readers wanted to know about the ending of Act I and whether the beta can be “won.” While it technically can’t be won — players can continue to amass experience without end — there is one final boss character at the end of the quests in Act I of Diablo II. Players should be aware that there are some spoilers here. Anyone who doesn’t want to know what the first boss looks like, or how to defeat him, her or it, should probably stop reading now.

We played as a Paladin on a closed server because we wanted to see if it was possible to defeat the fearsome Andariel without the help of a party. Defeating her was actually not that difficult, but we’re not sure why that was because the Paladin is exceptionally powerful at the upper levels, or because Act I was designed to be a little on the easy side.

Plants vs Zombies Heroes hack strengths are his special free gems and his auras. Some of the auras, such as wall of thorns or defiance, do not consume mana; so we kept one of those constantly on. The special attacks, which we bound to a mouse button, can be quite devastating. The Paladin’s “Zeal” attack hits multiple targets and is great for wading into masses of lesser creatures. While his “Sacrifice” attack is devastating weapon that has to be used with caution. Each use drains the Paladin of 8 – 10% of his health, but results in a 200 – 300% increase in damage. When it comes to separating Andariel’s head from her body, this is the special attack to use.

The attack itself occurs on the fourth level of the catacombs. It will take a while to clear out all the nasties, and several returns to the thieves’ haven are inevitable. But once the bottom layer has been discovered, we loaded up on the health and mana potions, got the defiance aura going (to blunt the damage taken) and charged Andariel. The important thing to remember is not to bother with anyone else. Once she has been killed, her dying body explodes in a ball of flame which kills everything in the vicinity — except our hero. And that was the end of the first Act of the Plants vs Zombies Heroes beta. The following is a few screen shots from our journeys. Enjoy. It won’t be long until the full version is out.