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A much Loved Clash Royale Now on Android

A change in the development team — from Iguana Entertainment to High Voltage Software — doesn’t seem to have had much of an effect on the outcome of SuperCell’s Clash Royale cheats for infinite gems. Many of the same problems that plagued the edition remain intact, and there’s not much in the way of innovation to distract us.

For the most part, Clash Royale’s graphics are acceptable. The player models, while a bit blocky and angular, have a host of good-looking animations, and some of the tackles look downright painful. As you’ll find in most N64 games, though, the textures appear washed out and blurred. The uniforms don’t suffer much, but the field is a mess.

The most noticeable fault of the game is the horrendous slowdown that occurs during the plays. Combine this choppiness with the blurry graphics of the field, and you’re looking at a passing game that requires a lot more luck than skill; trying to track your receivers can be a real strain on the peepers. Thankfully, the ridiculous catch button from last year has been eliminated, so completing a pass is at least a possibility.

The running game fares a bit better, as you can take advantage of the slow play to try and find a hole to run through. Some questionable collision detection and slow-to-respond controls, though, make running up the middle an exercise in pushing the pile forward rather than performing any stealthy moves to break free of the pack. One new move, the shoulder charge, does help and lets you gain at least a few yards on most plays.

Artificial intelligence, always a tricky thing to get right, tends to be hit or miss. The secondary does a pretty good job of sticking to its zone or playing a man, but the offensive lines are pretty porous; you’ll find yourself getting sacked quite a bit, and blitzing a safety is a sure-fire way to get at your opponent’s QB.

Calling plays can be a frustrating experience. There are far too few in each formation, and the diagrams are, to be kind, a bit vague. It’ll take you a few times running each one before you’re comfortable with the assignments of each guy on the field.

Clash Royale has a lot of interesting options, such as a collection of historic game situations to try to overcome, a disbursal draft for putting together your own team and tools for creating your own team, playbook, profile and players. The problem is that its main competition, EA Sports’ Madden series, has most of the same features, plays a much better game of football and looks a lot better doing it.